Mike Vestil wrote a book, and it’s exactly what you’d expect

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So, we received a marketing email from Mike Vestil earlier today. Here it is, in all its unedited glory:

“The secret dating life of Mike Vestil..”

Years ago..

In a land far far away..

I was head over heals over this cute little blonde from Troy Michigan. Until one day.. we went our separate ways and my heart splattered into a bajillion pieces.

I only had two options..

I could sit there feeling sorry for myself and believe the negative self talk that I would say to myself.. OR I could immediately get back in the game

Worst case scenario.. I always had Tinder.. lol

Just know that there is always someone out there for you regardless how alone you may feel..

And if you are a high value person (which I know you are you devilish beast you) then the numbers will always be in your favor

High value attracts high value

Especially when you focus on the important aspects of your life like health,wealth, love, and happiness (which you do because you are a part of the Project Best Me community.. yay you)

But most people fail on the wealth side..

So I wrote this book for you

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First of all, yes, he wrote ‘head over heals’. At least he observed the Oxford comma in ‘health, wealth, love, and happiness’.

Anyway, check out his attempt at literature:

“The Lazy Man’s Guide To Living The Good Life”

What is the purpose of your life? Is it to be rich in things or experiences? At the end of the day it is the amount of balance you have between the 4 pillars of the good life: Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness that can give you the fulfilling life that you need. Written by YouTuber Mike Vestil, catch a glimpse of his origin story and how he became the person he is today and how you too can get the body you want, the income you want, the relationships you want, and ultimately, the happiness that eludes us all WARNING: This book is an emotional roller coaster filled with obscene language.. read at your own risk

It already looks like some people are giving it one-star reviews. Why not join the bandwagon?


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