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[EBOOK REVIEW] The only secret in Mike Kabbani’s “7 Secrets” to Facebook Advertising riches is that he is a fake-ass douchebag

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The first thing you need to know about Mike Kabbani is that his Facebook page’s profile picture features him standing with the head guru himself, Tony Robbins. With all respect to Tony Robbins, this should probably be your first clue that you shouldn’t be giving Mik your money. The best …

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Ever wondered what Sam Ovens is cooking? We did some investigation, and it smells like a scam.

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According to his website, Sam Ovens is an entrepreneur from New Zealand who dropped out of university and started two successful companies by the age of 24. He now charges thousands of dollars for courses on how to become a millionaire consultant, just like him. However, according to our experience …

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Mike Vestil is an arrogant clown and a punk kid posing as a business guru

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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you today’s topic of conversation… Mike Vestil. Mike Vestil is a self-described “superhero entrepreneur” who claims to have made a small fortune selling t-shirts online. He now travels the world, giving people advice on how to “gain time freedom so that they can focus on …