An odd Twitter conversation with a totally real Tai Lopez follower

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So, last night, I chirp one of Tai’s followers on Twitter for probably being fake, and screenshot the conversation for later use. I then go to bed.

When I wake up in the morning, a tweet about the identity of the totally real follower was changed, which is kinda weird.

If Tai Lopez wants to pay people to follow him around on Twitter and be his personal team of cheerleaders, that’s cool, I’m kink-friendly. But it veers just a little bit more into Weirdville when they claim to be a minor from California.

Below: screenshot of original conversation, with the new tweet at the bottom.

I don’t want to be responsible for anyone losing their job, especially if they actually are from a developing country. So if you’re reading this and you do get in trouble, shoot me an email (in footer) and I’ll hire you.


  1. Thanks for writing this stuff, I was pretty close to buying the $500 Mike V guide to starting an ecom business. I even emailed him about my hesitation and received an answer promising me that people have had success from this (I’d be happy to shoot you the screenshots if you’d like). Also have you heard anything about worldnate ( I paid the $47 to gain access to his ‘behind closed doors members’ area’, and haven’t been impressed so far. He talks about starting a blog, affiliate advertising, and other ideas on how to travel and make money.

    1. Author

      Hey Conor – thanks so much for the comment, man. Glad to hear this blog helped save you some money… I only started this thing a week or so ago, and this has already made the effort worth it. $500 for a Mike V course? Jesus Chriiiiisssstttttt…..

      Thanks for the worldnate tip. Can’t wait to review his stuff.

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