[WEBINAR REVIEW] Rick Mulready just might be the real deal…

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I discovered Rick Mulready, like I discover most people in the “secrets to entrepreneurship” industry, on Facebook. His ad is a video of him standing on a street corner talking about the opportunities for becoming a Facebook Ads consultant.

I’ll admit… I was pretty pessimistic after watching Rick’s Facebook ad. Probably because my outlook is pretty dismal on this industry to begin with. But, after taking his free webinar, I’m starting to think there might be some decent advice available to wannabe-entrepreneurs after all.

Helpfulness Rating: Holding the door open for someone holding two coffees
Bullshit Rating: Smelly by association with this shitty fucking industry
Sales Pitch Rating: He didn’t take me home, but he got a second date

Things I like about Rick:

He can provide proof to back up his claims of expertise:
There were a couple of things Rick said right off the bat that got me interested. First, he said he’d be sharing a bunch of case studies from past students (unlike that damnable buffoon Mike Vestil). Second, he has actual business experience. Thank god.

The difference between Rick Mulready and a bunch of other people selling ‘training’ is that he’s worked for a real business for longer than four months. In fact, Rick says he has 12 years in the world of corporate advertising; a bit of digging reveals his LinkedIn profile, which backs up his claims.

Taking a closer look at his LinkedIn profile, Rick has a number of references from real people, including one from the Chief Revenue Officer of Mashable (that is, someone who’s not a random schmuck and wouldn’t put their reputation on the line backing a scam artist… although it is Mashable, so you never know).

He doesn’t make outrageous promises of future wealth:
As I covered in my takedown of the scammer Mike Vestil, the classic Gen Y dream is travelling the world, making easy money off the internet, and looking really cool on Instagram.

Rick doesn’t do any of these things – there are no pictures of him acting like a pompous douchelord in a rented Lamborghini, nor is he delivering the webinar from someplace exotic, and not once does he say you can follow in his rags-to-riches footsteps and become the type of douchebag you always envied in high school.

In fact, this is what he promises, which I think is quite reasonable:

Rick’s Webinar: Becoming a Facebook Ads Consultant

The first thing you need to know about being a marketing consultant (or any consultant, for that matter) is that even if you are a subject matter expert, most of your time will be spent convincing clients that you can actually help them. Once you get a little bit of business experience, you learn that this is a business function called “sales”, and it’s fucking hard.

The overall content of the webinar was focused entirely on helping people build a business selling Facebook Ad management services. Having worked in marketing and sales for a few years, I can tell that Rick seems to knows his shit when it comes to B2B sales, and in particular, selling businesses on the value of advertising.

Either that, or he is a brilliant fake and I am more easily fooled than I thought. You never know in this industry.

Out of respect for the concept of intellectual property, I will list, in broad strokes, some of the topics that Rick covered:

  • Finding ideal clients: how to recognize which businesses who might want your services, who you can actually create results for, who won’t suck to work with.
  • Pricing strategy: how to break into the market if you’re new, and how to grow your prices so you can make some decent money.
  • Account Management Fundamentals: once you make a sale, you need to manage clients’ expectations and proactively monitor your own performance.

In my opinion, Rick covered all three of these topics as well as could be expected in a one-hour webinar, and more than well enough to convince me that his $2000 course has a nonzero likelihood of being worth the money.

And although you might shit your pants at the $2000 price tag, keep in mind that this could be seen as an investment. If you use the skills and techniques learned here to secure $500 in business per month, you make your money back within 4 months. And yes, the same could be said for something like an Instagram training course, this seems to be a much more direct investment.

Overall, I liked Rick’s emphasis on providing tangible value to businesses, and not just making a quick buck selling shit that people don’t actually need.

Although I don’t have $2000 to spend on his training program just to review it, I must say that it seems a much better bet than most of the bullshit out there. If you’ve bought this course and would like to chip in your own thoughts, hit me up.

To repeat: I didn’t actually buy the $2000 course and can’t say whether or not it’s good. I can say that I found the webinar interesting and valuable, plus a quick background check seems to suggest he actually knows what he is doing.

Either Rick’s a clever little devil, or he’s a diamond in the rough. Regardless, sign up for one of his webinars if you have a spare hour.


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