[REDDIT] Clueless entrepreneur creates an offensively-named company to help other clueless entrepreneurs validate ideas

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This is a company idea straight out of a sitcom: a company to help other startups validate their ideas. Very meta

On its own, this idea isn’t terrible – this probably falls under “strategy consulting” or “marketing consulting”, there is a repeatable process you can follow, and there’d likely be some demand for it.

THE CATCH: The entrepreneur who started the company is apparently still new when it comes to “validating ideas”. They’ve only validated one company idea (this meta-company), and it’s still brand new… so they can’t really point to it as a success yet.

From Reddit’s r/Entrepreneur: “How we validated our idea”

I’ve had many business ideas in my life. Some good and some terrible (I’m looking at you travel bag that converts to a pull up bar). But they always had the same thing in common, that I thought they were amazing and they were going to make me millions.

Unfortunately I spent a lot of time on some of these ideas, creating whole websites, incorporating businesses, creating products, all before I even had one customer. And all too often after all that work I’d slowly find out that nobody actually wanted what I was selling. This was disastrous, not only did I waste a tonne of time but I was also inevitably dejected. It would take me a long time to get back on the horse after those experiences.

So I struggled to become good at validating ideas. But eventually after many failed attempts I got the hang of it. I became confident invalidating ideas, and even created a few successful businesses off the back of my validations.

So I got together with two of my friends who were also having the same problem. And we decided to do what we do best. Validate the idea for an idea validation service! Now that’s a tongue twister.

The post (read: sales pitch) goes on to describe a basic business validation process that they will apparently charge you to do on your behalf.

And just like our friend Mike Vestil, this company has a grand total of ZERO case studies to prove they actually know what they’re doing. Also, no LinkedIn profiles, so you know they have no actual job experience.

The kicker? The company is called “Lean Eskimo”, for whatever strange reason. If these guys had taken the time to validate their company name, a simple Google search would have revealed that the term ‘Eskimo’ is actually seen as offensive by northern Indigenous peoples for some time now, and that the correct term is ‘Inuit’.

My guess is that these folks are younger than 25, from California, and are looking to live the startup dream. In all honesty, they’d be much better-served by getting a job, working for someone else, and learning the ropes of how business actually works.

You can find their website at leaneskimo.com.

VERDICT: If you are dumb enough that you need these people to help you figure out if you have a good idea or not… you should never, ever, ever go into business.

If you are from Lean Eskimo and reading this… First: change your company name. Second: get a job at a marketing agency or someone else’s startup for a couple of years so you have some actual experience in the field in which you claim expertise. I’m also sorry for being so brutally honest in this post, you’re probably nice guys, just supremely overconfident.


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